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I’m inspired. I’m inspired by this one-of-a-kind planet called Earth and by the ways we steward it, by nature, my oasis of a garden, the creative process of cooking, and by the new experiences collected during adventures in travel.

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I’m available for freelance assignments including articles and blog posts as well as other special writing projects related to my topic areas of nature, gardening, food, and travel. I also love to speak to groups and share my adventures in the kitchen with culinary demos. Let’s talk about your assignment or project. I have a proven track record of delivering quality, on-time work.

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Soul of Sole Meunière, Part II

Cooking as Therapy Immersing myself in Sole Meunière a la Julia Child this last week or so has entailed adding new cookbooks to my collection, studying her recipes, tips and watching the movie, Julie and Julia, again. That movie speaks to my soul (okay, this time, no pun intended). I […]