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Soul of Sole Meunière, Part II

Cooking as Therapy Immersing myself in Sole Meunière a la Julia Child this last week or so has entailed adding new cookbooks to my collection, studying her recipes, tips and watching the movie, Julie and Julia, again. That movie speaks to my soul (okay, this time, no pun intended). I […]

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Discovering Sole Meunière’s Soul

    The Soul of Sole Meunière, Part I     The Inspiration  Many little girls love princesses and dressing up. I was not one of those little girls. My heroine was not a princess. She was a chef. Her name was Julia Child and I found her talent in […]

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A Four-day Summer Dinner Menu For Visitors

I don’t know about you but when I have friends or family visiting, the first thing I think about after the excitement of seeing my visitors is what I’m going to feed them. I tell my family, “food is love.” Now, certain television celebrities or maybe psychologists would be all […]