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Kale in a Gale

Kale is ubiquitous. I see bumper stickers and t-shirts saying “eat more kale” and restaurant menus with bruised kale, walnut and whatever salad, kale this and kale that. Next, we’ll hear that renewable energy can be extracted from kale. One can hope. But seriously folks, with heavy rains and strong […]

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When my “to do” lists start chasing me around the house it is time to flee. I have a room in our house that is dedicated to my writing and most of the time it truly is my creative sanctuary; like this morning. I’m typing away. It is quiet. Things […]

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A Four-day Summer Dinner Menu For Visitors

I don’t know about you but when I have friends or family visiting, the first thing I think about after the excitement of seeing my visitors is what I’m going to feed them. I tell my family, “food is love.” Now, certain television celebrities or maybe psychologists would be all […]